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OUR GOAL IS TO END WASTE, IN ALL FORMS. We help companies find economic value in their waste streams and confidently execute their sustainability goals. Our process begins with analyzing the physical waste that businesses, governments, and organizations produce in their daily operations. We create a plan to repurpose that waste thereby eliminating wasted time, wasted money, and wasted energy. We keep materials from entering landfills and create a more circular economy through recycling, reuse, and resellable byproducts. We help create a more efficient and effective society.

Join us on our journey to create global waste solutions that consider people, the planet, and scalability

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Alex Mardikian

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Alex Mardikian brings over 30 years of global experience in manufacturing and marketing, with a focus on smart city development and logistical infrastructure. He is the founder and CEO of The Waste Agency, a director of SmartWaste AI, and a board member of American Pellet Supply, dedicated to sustainable practices and ecosystem conservation. His work emphasizes bioenergy initiatives that promote economic viability, environmental protection, and social equity.

Alex's extensive background includes roles such as U.S. Western Regional Manager for Schlumberger Ltd., where he honed a multidisciplinary expertise in engineering, manufacturing, mapping, and environmental planning. Licensed as a Grade II water treatment operator and water distribution and backflow specialist in the Western United States, he served a diverse clientele across municipal, state, federal agencies, and various industry sectors.

Alex also plays a strategic role at FueledBy.Net, focusing on project planning and execution, and he was the former CEO and co-founder of OBITX (dba Everything Blockchain, Inc.), a publicly traded fintech company, driving efforts towards carbon neutrality through blockchain solutions.

Additionally, Alex has held the position of President at the publicly traded Force Protection, where he worked with FEMA, Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, and various government agencies worldwide. He has co-owned and managed lifestyle brands such as Von Dutch Kustom and held licenses for Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, and The WHO. Alex also owns Quadrophenia.com and has served as the Chief Brand Strategist for all entities related to Kim Dotcom, further solidifying his expertise in brand strategy and marketing innovation.

Andrus Nomm

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Andrus Nomm is a prominent technology leader, currently serving as the CTO of FueledBy.Net and Co-Founder of the WASTE Agency. With a rich background in spearheading advanced technologies, Andrus excels in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, business intelligence systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. His career highlights include being a Co-Founder and former CTO of OBITX (dba Everything Blockchain, Inc.) a publicly traded fintech company.

Andrus is renowned for driving the vision and expansion of technical operations within enterprises, overseeing technical teams, and fostering strong relationships with developers and partners. His comprehensive experience spans the creation of sophisticated enterprise infrastructures, large-scale data mining, and the deployment of secure, high-availability payment systems. He also pioneered media processing cloud services for notable platforms like MegaUpload, Megavideo, and Megapix, managing massive user bases and extensive server networks.

A co-patent holder of the Haultail on-demand logistics delivery system, Andrus's mission is to empower developers to address challenges and amplify their impact, leveraging his extensive knowledge and innovative approach to technology.

Christina Hernandez

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Christina Hernandez is a seasoned legal management professional with an MBA in Business, currently serving as the Director of Regulatory and Compliance at the Waste Agency. Her extensive expertise in navigating complex regulatory landscapes has positioned her as a pivotal figure in the organization, ensuring adherence to compliance standards across operations.

Additionally, Christina is the Co-Founder of American Pellet Supply, a Woman-Owned Minority Business of Diversity, and serves as the Secretary of Company for Regreen Technologies. She also plays an active role in her community by sitting on several city and municipal boards, where she contributes her valuable insight into environmental regulations and corporate governance. Her leadership and commitment to excellence are integral to both her professional role and her contributions to board discussions, shaping policy and advancing sustainable practices in the waste management sector.

Joshua Shirk

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Beth Mickley

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Director of Commercial Development and Finance


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Currently a design director at Fueleby.net, a full-service technology and marketing firm. Has extensive experience in periodicals (one of the founders of the magazine Green Energy - a edition on all types and technologies of renewable energy, chief-designer of the magazine SALON - a edition on design, decor and architecture, art director of Tele-Week and Telescope - entertainment edition, art-director of the magazine Money - financial and analytical edition, Ukraine Young - a daily political and economic republican edition), printing companies (designer and specialist on prepress in the companies Art-Graphics, Futari-Print) and advertising agencies (TSK-agency, Noblet Media, Art Wings). He has collaborated on various projects with McDonalds, Bosch-Siemens, Carlsberg, Electrolux, Zanussi, Aeg, Interpipe, Allianz, Bravo-Airline and many others. Participated in the preparation of the International Energy Forum Wind & Hydrogen, Green Energy Transition, GlobalWind, Green City Expo and other activities of companies related to renewable energy; such as - Scientific and Technical Center Biomass, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, VindKraft, Wind Park of Ukraine and others. He graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine with a degree in industrial marketing.

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