Join us on our journey to create global waste solutions that consider people, the planet, and scalability

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Growth equity, private equity, and project finance focused on building a circular economy.

Administering the path forward in eliminating waste, reducing emissions, making companies more efficient, and saving taxpayer money, comes directly from the results we can deliver for customers.

Covering all aspects of waste from its collection and transfer, organics, recycling, conversion technologies, waste to energy, landfill management, special and hazardous waste, markets and contracting, mergers and acquisitions, finance and more — all aspects of the solid waste.
We are the exclusive agency for Regreen Technologies, Inc. representing sales, marketing, business development, product implementation, technology and innovations.


A circular economy is a healthy economy.

Navigating Alternatives In a Circular Economy by introducing scalable solutions that prove the future is not in landfills, nor ocean dumping. Our future is rooted in offering proprietary technologies, processes and equipment to fix real world problems. Demonstrating our clients technology-based sustainability solutions to reduce emissions, eliminate waste, promote recycling, and bring a circular economy to reality. Focused on a profitable and sustainable future.

1 Ton of waste ≈ 1 MW Electric EnergyPlasma Gasification – From Waste to Energy


Team of professionals working together to get to zero, continually advancing and offering technologies and processes to provide clean, efficient and affection alternative energy solutions that help protect our shared environment.



Is to end waste, in all forms.

By helping the companies we represent and the services we provide, to our clients to find economic value in their waste streams and confidently execute on their sustainability goals. This starts with the physical waste that businesses, governments, and organizations produce in their daily operations; but it goes a step further to include wasted time, wasted money, and wasted energy. Its starts with keeping materials from entering landfills and creating a more circular economy through recycling, reuses and byproducts; but it expands to include creating a more efficient and effective society.


Your partner and advisor for tomorrow.

Embracing new technologies and protecting the environment goes hand in hand. At the heart of what The Waste Agency and Regreen Technologies deliver an eco-friendly disposal solution that zeros out negative environmental impact – wherever possible.

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Sustainable inside and out, back by innovation.

Circular thinking reimagines the relationship between the economy and the natural world - and aims to turn waste into something valuable. In a circular world, there is no need for giant landfills, and there are no more giant islands of plastic debris floating in the ocean. In its purest form, a circular economy generates no waste and provides positive byproducts.